Adventures in Groovy – Part 17: Force Cell Comments


Challenge Accepted

When I asked visitors to try to come up with a situation that Groovy Calculation might be able to solve, this was a good one.  One visitor asked if they could require a cell comment if certain parameters were not met.  It is actually relatively easy.

The following requirement exist in this example.  If any month holds more than 30% of the full year, that cell requires the user to enter a cell comment.  If no comment exists, the user won’t be able to save the form.

The User Experience

If any month is more than 30% of the full year, and the user doesn’t add a comment to a cell, the form will not save.  The following shows what happens when the above fails, and what happens after the user enters a comment into the cell.

The Code


Challenge accepted.  This one goes in the win column for Groovy Calculations!

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