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OK, I have opened up a ticket with Oracle.  Now, they want my logs.  Frustration sets in, and I wonder…how long is it going to take to figure out where they all are and which ones are important?  If I miss one, my resolution will surely get delayed. This is all I need!

In newer versions of the Hyperion environment, Oracle has made some huge improvements.

First, the logs are much more centralized.

  • The installation logs are now located in EPM_ORACLE_HOME/diagnostics/logs.
  • The configuration, service startup, and runtime logs for all the service components are in EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs.
  • The web application runtime logs are in MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/domain name/servers/managed server name/logs.

Second, they have a batch, or shell script depending on the environment, that will zip all the needed logs into one file so you can easily provide all the detail for Oracle to be as efficient as possible in diagnosing my problem.

In the EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin folder, the ziplogs.bat ( script will create a zip file with all the logs for me, and place the zip in EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/ziplogs.

Now, there is one file per server with the appropriate collection of logs, configuration files, and other pertinent info that the help desk can use.

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