Customizing Oracle Hyperion Planning

Many Hyperion Planning administrators are eager to customize the Planning application.  Questions are always posted on the Oracle Technology Network forums as to how and what is customizable.  As with any technology challenge, with the right resources and enough time, anything can be customized.  It is unrealistic to think that projects have an unlimited number of people and time to create a completely customized solution.  However, there are a number of things that are developed in Hyperion Planning to support user customization.

  • Planning includes templates that control the layout and content of PDF reports of data forms, data form definitions, task lists, and planning units.
  • Hyperlinks can be added to the Planning Tools page to support quick access to specific pages
  • The appearance of Planning can be customized by changing the appropriate style sheets, which are files that control the UI of the Planning application.
  • Templates can be changed to personalize text, colors, and images in the Planning interface
  • Workflow tasks can be changed so each state has a unique color.
  • Workflow states (Not Started, Approved, etc.) can be personalized so the state more accurately represents the business naming convention
  • Workflow actions (Start, Reject, etc.) can be personalized so the action more accurately represents the business naming convention
  • Custom spreading patterns can be created.

Future articles will be posted that will provide a step by step approach as to how each of these customizations is accomplished.  The Hyperion Planning Administrator’s Guide will give an overview of how each of these customizations is accomplished as well.

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