Non Technical

  • Article Now Available in InVision

    Josh Forrest and I presented at last year’s Collaborate conference.  Along with that presentation, we wrote a white paper on the implementation of Hyperion Planning.  This paper included process of selecting a vendor, the project goals, requirements gathering, project methodology, and even the lessons learned once the implementation was completed. The editors of OAUG asked […]

  • Is Your Message Getting Ignored?

    Think about how many emails you delete without reading. Your inbox gets cluttered with specials from your favorite stores that you requested to be sent.  You just but didn’t realize a new email would show up every other day. Everyone has the friend who sends emails that he or she thinks is so funny that aren’t. There’s also the person who seems to update his status multiple times a day and “checks in” at the grocery store, work, dinner, etc. Sometimes it’s your system administrator sending you updates about every aspect of the system that you delete. Then you think, Wait, I am the administrator. My emails are always read!  Right?