Will Groovy Calculations in PBCS Solve The World’s Problems?


No, But Can It Solve Yours?

I received a lot of positive feedback on the Groovy Series and have been asked a many great questions.  People are excited about the improvements but are still a little hesitant to buy in to the hype.  They question, and rightfully so, 

  1. are the performance gains really as positive as I have stated, and
  2. is the functionality that can be added to improve a user’s experience really available, and
  3. can it improve the validity of the data input as much as I have said it does?

Challenge Accepted!

If you have a challenge, performance issues, or missing functionality that you desperately need in Data Forms, post a quick comment with a summary about what you are facing.  Please enter a valid email so I can contact you directly with any questions.  Don’t worry, your email will remain confidential!

I am going to try to pick one situation every week or two and provide some alternatives with Groovy that will solve, or improve the problem you are facing.

I encourage you to Join the Party! so you are notified about the solutions posted.

Good luck on your quest to make Hyperion Planning a better experience for all of your users!

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  1. I understand we can do data validation but can we do POV selection. For instance on a data form if I’m entering a member in one dimension will I be able to use Groovy to set the members for the valid combination for data entry. As an example I may want to set the currency for a certain cost center in the form. On the cost center I’d have in a UDA the valid currency. If this capability exists it seems it would remove the need for valid intersections as you could more dynamically manage this through UDAs/DRM management and Groovy validations.

    • I don’t know how you are doing currency, but I typically have the ability for planners to enter in local and USD, and have the entity tagged with a uda (or a smart list on a maintenance form of sorts so users can control it). In this situation, there is no need for the user to select the appropriate currency. That said, answering your question, I don’t believe there is a way, currently, to interact and select a POV. If you chose to set the currency by using a smart list, then yes, you could solution this with Groovy, if I understand the question.


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