Countdown to


The Countdown begins is being releases in as little as 10 days.  It is really exciting and here is what you will see.

On the fly iterative planning using sandboxes

  • Create version on the fly
  • Honors security and access rights
  • Iterative modeling
  • Dynamic scenario comparisons
  • Collaborative modeling

Web form performance improvements

  • Near 0 lag times
  • Fast cell-to-cell navigation
  • Quick scrolling
  • Forms with 100,000 cells loads in less than 5 seconds

Setup valid combinations

  • Forms show only valid combinations
  • End users can only interact with valid combinations
  • No more data entered in the wrong place
  • Bypasses the lack of multidimensional security
  • Speeds user interaction
  • Out of the box clear of invalid combinations

User defined calculations

  • Loaded from Excel by the user
  • They persist with member references
  • Excel syntax
  • Supports most of the Excel financial, mathematical, and statistical functions

Real time push to ASO, including relational data

  • Calculate and aggregate instantaneously

Simpler user interface


This might introduce more questions than answers, but you don’t have to wait long to get them. will be released this month – as soon as the end of next week!

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