Initial Release of In2Hyp Services Manager – Restarting Services Just Got Easier!

As Hyperion applications have become more integrated, the need for multiple servers to support the environment is now required.  Although the recent releases of version 11 are less dependent on the order in which the services start, Hyperion still recommends a specific order to start the services so they perform correctly.  As these services are typically on multiple servers, it is time consuming to perform this operation and it is prone to error.  Many organizations lack the ability to automate this task when services are interrupted, or operating systems are updated, and there is no automated way to start and stop the services.

In2Hyperion is now making available HypServicesManager.  HypServicesManager is an application that will start or stop the services in a predefined order.  An XML file holds the server/service order so the services to be included, and the order in which they start/stop, is completely customizable.  It will impersonate a domain account that has permissions to the respective servers, so the starting or stopping of the services on multiple servers can be performed quickly and remotely.  With command line parameters, it can even be automated.

Keep in mind, HypServicesManager is completely independent of Hyperion services.  Although it was developed to fill the need to manage Hyperion services, it can be used for any windows service as it uses the windows APIs.

I have used this application in multiple organizations and it is often used in a production environment.  With that said, this has not been tested on thousands of environments in every Windows OS.  If it doesn’t work for you, we certainly welcome feedback and will make every effort to fix any bugs that are discovered.

Details on the use of the application are available here.

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